One button simplicity

Solutions for people living with low vision

Our ClearView+ range of electronic magnifiers offer superior picture quality and magnification between 3x and 57x (while always maintaining perfect focus), the entire unit can be controlled with one button.

Just place the materials you wish to view on the sliding platform, select your magnification and easily read the high contrast magnified image.

Precise auto-focus ensures the image is always sharp and clear.

Reliability, ease of use and an ergonomic layout are what makes the ClearView+ range our most popular products and the best available worldwide.

Write cheques and letters with ease

ClearView+ enables you to write cheques, letters and even do crosswords – without the need for any assistance.

Reading Possibilities

  • View text in high-contrasting black letters on white background, or in reverse
  • Adjust contrast and brightness
  • The auto-focus facility makes reading easy and fast
  • View photographs using photo mode

The ClearView+ will also remember your last viewing settings after being turned off which is perfect for performing repetitive tasks.

Adjust your monitor height

ClearView+ Star and Spectrum models are available with an integrated high quality flat panel monitor. The adjustable monitor arm means the display can be lowered to a height for optimal viewing and comfort.

Which ClearView+ is right for you?

ClearView+ Star = black and white

ClearView+ Spectrum = colour

Both are available with either a traditional monitor or height-adjustable 22″ flat pane

monitor. You can also choose to supply your own monitor.

ClearView+ PC = shares your computer’s screen

  • Computer display function: you can switch between viewing your computer and the ClearView+ PC image on your computer’s screen.
  • Picture-in-picture (PIP) allowing you to view your computer image and ClearView+ image at the same time.

What’s the plus?

ClearView+ Star and Spectrum can be customised to include

Feature Pack Basic

  • A variety of foreground and background colours, choose your preference.
  • A red dot pointer (position locator) to help you locate your place on the page.

Feature Pack Advanced

  • As per the Feature Pack Basic but it also includes adjustable line markers and windows providing reference guidelines for reading